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Smart engineering

BMT cannot make a perfect cartridge without perfect components. Our “Quality Control department” is one of the most difficult to work with in the industry for one reason. If a component is not perfect and if it does not meet BMT standards (which almost always exceed industry standards), it is rejected. BMT will never compromise quality - regardless of cost.


While the OEM drum is usually acceptable in terms of print-density and darkness by most other companies, BMT does not reuse OEM drums in our Premium Private Label or BMT Brand cartridges. We feel that a first quality replacement drum will provide a more consistent level of quality and we replace it in every Premium cartridge we manufacture. BMT uses only “A” grade drums. We do not accept factory seconds, off spec components, flawed, or knockoff substitutions. In many cases, we work directly with drum manufacturers to produce product to our exact specifications. In these cases, BMT drums are made exclusively for BMT and are not available to anyone else.


At BMT, our goal is to make the perfect cartridge. Our research has found that many after market PCRs and magnetic sleeves do not meet our high standards.

In addition, the simple reuse of OEM components is risky and somewhat unreliable. BMT chemists and engineers have developed a proprietary multi stage treatment process for PCRs and magnetic sleeves that produce more consistent print than any aftermarket or reused OEM component. In fact, our specialty magnetic sleeves and PCRs actually outperform virgin components pulled from a full, never used OEM toner cartridge! These proprietary components have been tested to perform for multiple cycles, however are only used once.


Toner serves a dual purpose in the process of image production. Not only is it the actual material fused to the paper to create images and text, it also acts as a lubricant for the spinning drum. While “raw” toner may be sufficient in most cases, we have chosen what we feel to be a superior type. Using the standard toner as a base, additives and lubricants are blended in a special process. The resulting formula is finer, adheres to the paper better and lubricates the drum for optimal performance until the very end of the use-cycle BMT evaluates every batch of toner prior to manufacturing. Toner is tested at multiple stages of each barrel and must pass through a BMT qualified sieve. BMT mandates that all toners must pass through our sieve in order to pass. Our standards are more than 20% stringent than normal vendor specifications. This ensures all components will not receive excessive wear throughout the life cycle. BMT works direct with many toner manufacturers to produce proprietary blends of toner that are only available to BMT. Our engineers and chemists work closely


With our manufacturers to manufacture toner formulations that are more consistent and exceed industry standards.


EVERY wiper blade, Doctor blade and sealing blade is inspected in the QC department prior to being released to manufacturing. These items are NOT batch tested.
Every one is examined which virtually eliminates defectives due to these components. BMT is known to reject blades that are less than 1/10,000 of an inch off spec. We take blade integrity very seriously.


A typical cartridge will have a seal installed and supported by two foam strips, one at each end. Once the seal is pulled, toner is allowed to flow and may sometimes leak from the sides. At BlackMagic, a patented seal made of an absorbent material is installed which has a full gasket, making contact with all four sides. This seal is an improvement over the OEM design and is designed to prevent leakage unless the cartridge is actually broken in half. This seal also pulls more smoothly and cleanly since it is designed to self-clean excess toner. BMT inspects every single Gold Seal prior to and during manufacturing to ensure a leak proof and easily pulled seal.



  • Receiving Inspector analyzes incoming empty virgin cartridges to verify if the cartridge is rebuildable (no scratches etc).

  • Only qualified virgin cartridges will then be stored into palletized sectionals that are designed to maintain the integrity of the cartridges. Only perfect virgin cartridges can make perfect BMT cartridges.


  • Technicians completely disassemble cartridges. During this process many of the components are transported in specially designed fixtures to maintain highest quality and percentage throughput. This includes custom molded shelving units that prevent scratches and minimize exposure to light.

  • Pressurized air is used to clean excess toner from all cartridge components. To minimize damage from pressurized air, BMT filters all air for particulate matter and all water is removed.

  • Scratched shells or housings are unacceptable. BMT products must look new. All cartridges must be visually perfect.

  • Each component is segregated, cleaned, and qualified.

  • Many components must be processed (coated, treated, electrically tested, etc.)BMT spares no expense in machinery and technical manpower to assure each component will guarantee a flaw free build up.

  • Many components sent to ultrasonic cleaner, using continuously filtered aqueous non-cfc solution, to remove microscopic particles.

  • Qualified toner hopper cleaned and resealed at sealing station using most appropriate sealing method.


  • All drums are tested using state of the art machinery (conductivity testing, eddy current testing, polishers and microscopic visual inspection)

  • Qualified developer (magnetic roller) is cleaned and resurfaced or replaced. If it passes initial inspection, virgin magnetic sleeves are treated with BMT’s proprietary 5 step process designed by BMT chemists and engineers. This treatment actually has been tested to last through 2 additional cycles; however, it would only ever be reused once. BMT treated magnetic sleeves are superior to every aftermarket magnetic sleeve and actually outperform an unused OEM magnetic sleeve.

Primary Charge roller (PCR)

Cleaning procedure: Use distilled water on a lint free cloth to wipe down the PCR. Allow the PCR to thoroughly dry prior to installation. Is cleaned and recoated or replaced

These also are tested and treated using similar machinery as the drum testing (conductivity testing, eddy current testing, polishers and microscopic visual inspection)

  • BMT PCRs are superior to all aftermarket PCRs and are guaranteed to last throughout the most extreme printing conditions.


  • EVERY wiper blade, doctor blade, sealing blade, and Gold Seal is inspected again prior to being used.

  • Wiper blades, doctor blades, and recovery blades are cleaned, inspected and coated, or replaced.

  • Hopper is filled with new, custom formulated toner chemically and electrically matched to the complete system of the cartridge. BMT has a long-standing relation with most of the toner manufactures in the US and Japan. Many of the toner formulations we use are proprietary and custom made for BMT.

  • Automated filling machine fills each hopper consistently, and hopper is weighed.

  • Qualified Technicians are trained in each aspect of the build up from beginning to end product. They are held accountable for every cartridge that passes their workstation during the assembly process. At each station, technicians double-check the previous stations work

  • Brand new parts are added wherever necessary.

  • BMT Cartridges are 100% test run (not batch tested). We test run each and every cartridge we build.

  • Each completed cartridge undergoes a three-step quality control process. At any time the cartridge may be rejected and sent back to the appropriate station for rework.

  • First the cartridge is run in a printer for not less than ten pages. Test pages of black, white, text, graphics and grayscales are printed. These pages are inspected for print defects. If no flaws are found, the cartridge then flows to the QC station.

  • The QC station inspects all parts of the cartridge. All parts are accounted for and the test pages are reviewed a second time. If no flaws are found, the cartridge will then flow to the packing station,

  • At the packing station, the cartridge is looked over to triple check cartridge integrity. In addition, the test pages are reviewed as well.


  • Cartridge is placed in our “easy to open” moisture and light proof bag and heat sealed.

  • Custom molded end caps are manufactured while cartridges are being built. They are custom to each cartridge and are designed to provide damage free shipping.

  • BMT is first to introduce user-friendly packaging. The easy to open “pull strip” allows the box to be opened without the use of knives, scissors or keys. In addition, it is resealable without tape for easy repackaging and returns.

  • Before sealing carton, new fuser wiper wands (when applicable) and installation and return instructions are put in the box.

  • BMT cartridges also receive prepaid return labels and an extra pre paid bag for recycling.


  • To ensure BMT products meet and exceed OEM specifications, BMT post tests more than 50 cartridges every day.

  • Before testing BMT products, the OEM is tested to establish a benchmark.

  • Cartridges are randomly pulled from inventory and manufacturing date and batch is recorded.

  • Print testing begins with an initial set of graphics pages. Graphics testing includes full pages of blacks, grayscales, white, and text. BMT ensures a perfect print from the very first page.

  • Batches of 500-1000 pages (depending on cartridge yield) are run with 5% coverage.

  • After each batch of pages, another set of graphics pages is run.

  • The cartridge is removed and examined for leakage, excessive wear, etc. At this time the printer is also looked at to ensure proper working condition.

  • Batches are run continuously until toner low is indicated on printer. For printers without toner low sensors, the testing is interrupted when toner fading occurs.

  • At this time, the cartridge is reevaluated, shaken and reinstalled.

  • The cartridge is continuously tested with batches and sets of graphics until the toner low is observed for the second time.

  • At this time, the cartridge is reevaluated, shaken and reinstalled.

  • When “toner low” is indicated for a third time, testing is complete and all data including yield, graphics quality and overall performance is recorded.

  • Every test must exceed the OEM benchmark in yield and print quality.

  • In addition to a controlled printing environment, BMT tests every cartridge under extreme printing conditions. BMT engineers perform life testing and print quality testing under extreme temperature, h u m i d i t y, and atmospheric pressures. This ensures that BMT cartridges will not only print perfect under standard office environments, but will also perform perfectly in any environment.

  • BMT also simulates conditions that reflect shipping environments. Our foam in place end caps are designed to survive 30 foot drop tests along with regular shipping conditions such as truck vibration across the country. BMT testing also includes extreme changes in pressure which simulates air shipments.


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