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Step 1 Remove toner, paper fluff and dust from the fuser assembly. Check & replace as necessary.
The fuser assembly can generate high repair bills. We remove contaminants before they cause serious damage. The operating temperature is very high
and repair in time can save a lot of damage.

Step 2 Check & clean assemblies and paper trays.
The highly complex mechanical units used to move paper and separate sheets need periodic cleaning in order to function properly.

Step 3 Replace and clean filters.
Ozone filters need to be replaced once a year and other filters need to be cleaned for proper circulation of air.

Step 4 Replace/clean image transfer assembly.
Older machines use Transfer corona whereas newer machine use transfer rollers, both need to be cleaned periodically.

Step 5 Inspect and clean paper pick up roller.
The printer use friction for paper pickup. The roller can get slick on usage. This needs to be restored or replaced periodically.

Step 6 Lubricate machine with appropriate high temperature grease.
Although lubricated at the factory, the lubrication dries out due to heat, dirt and motion making re-lubrication necessary.

Step 7 Clean exit rollers.
Like the pickup rollers the exit rollers also get coated with hard shiny film and debris. Solvent cleaning restores them to their original texture.
Ir-restorable rollers need to be replaced.

Step 8 Thoroughly clean the electronic bay using vacuum or compressed air.
The dirt and dust can become conductive under humid conditions and damage the circuit boards. The dust etc. is to be removed from electronic
assemblies using air or vacuum.

Step 9 Tighten and replace screws and grounding straps.
Screws that have worked lose inside a printer can fall into the cartridge or into the machine gear trains and cause severe damage.

Step 10 Inspect Replace and clean separation belts and rollers. All printers use a cork separation pad or rubber rolls to feed one sheet of paper at a time into the machine.

Step 11 Clean and lubricate fan assembly.
Toner, paper dust, dirt conspire to gum-up the exhaust fans. Cleaning will help to keep the fan going for years.

Step 12 Inspect and clean registration assembly.
This unit is removed and cleaned with a rubber roller restorer to ensure proper registration and fewer paper jams.

Step 13 Inspect and clean beam-to-drum optical path.
The printers use a mirror and lens combination in the laser optical path to focus and direct the laser beam to the Optical Photoconductive drum of
the toner cartridge. The dust can settle on the surface of these optical devices and impair the print quality.

Step 14 Test the machine for smooth operation and sharp and crisp printouts.

Our vested interest;- The poor health of your laser printer is injurious to our business.



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